True Gospel, True Salvation

Why does God do the impossible in saving men that cannot be saved apart from Him? To demonstrate His power.. That not only men, nations, principalities and dominions will bow down and acknowledge God.

He is going to save people to prove His greatness, to defend His reputation. And what do we see in some professing Christians today, a multiple of people claims to be saved and if they are saved they demonstrate that God has no power. And the name of God is blasphemed among the (Gentiles) unbelievers.

We have this idea, “God wants to save you but He can’t and after He save you and He wants you to be holy but He can’t. Then who’s got rains on God now? The people. God save you, why? To demonstrate how great He is. Will He then fail? Will He then fail? No!

If He save you, He will transform you and bring you into glory. Why? Because you worth it? No! For His reputation! “I don’t start anything I don’t finish.”
~Paul Washer

“This is what the Sovereign LORD says: it is not for your sake, people of Israel, that I am going to do these things, but for the sake of my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you have gone.”
-Ezekiel 36:22

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